All we wanted was a pretty bra that fit.

This is a company owned and operated primarily by women - and we have owned lots of bras. Our team shares their thoughts and feedback in all areas involving the brand; from collections to marketing strategy. This is a very hands-on group, and as a team we are all passionate about Claudette. We have skin in the game!

Claudette is modern, contemporary and effortlessly wearable. We aim to be exceptional every day. Following our 2011 launch with  ‘your new favorite bra’ we’re pleased to say women around the globe have agreed. Our customers are sharing with us loud and clear that Claudette fills a gap they've long been searching to fulfill. We are fearless with color and our Dessous mesh range is sheer up to a G cup – something our customer’s love and don’t find anywhere else.

Sensational colors and styles with amazing fit – just for you.